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Our two divisions provide a variety of services, enabling us to fulfill the needs of any construction related endeavour. We can give to you our own line of products, residential areas for the high end and middle class user alike, or work for you under contract to materialize your very own building concept or desire.


ACE Ideal Homes India Pvt Ltd is the real estate division of ACE Engineering group, a civil engineering and contracting company with more than 25 years of experience and growth, dealing with clients from around the world.

Developers for plots, villas and apartments

Ace Ideal homes has completed and handed over numerous projects to very satisfied customers in the recent past, and strives to do the same today. Ace Amrutha Retreat is an apartment complex that has been completed and handed over, of two high rise flats with duplex apartments and many more such optional facilities. Ace Nimbus, Ace City Homes etc are all similarly completed works. Ace Prayaga at Cheranalloor, is our newest project.

Residential constructions

We are prepared to undertake residential construction projects, customized to the client’s needs and aspirations. We have often done so, in our own projects, modifying each apartment or villa to suit the desires of the client, and thus personalizing the same for clients that require a change from the standard high quality issue.

Waterproofing and renovation jobs

Extensions of aged property, or renovation, complete with proper waterproofing solutions are easily done by us, expertly. We have often done many such projects for flats, hospitals etc, in our contracting side as well.

Interior designing services

Naturally, we will also be able to provide interior designing services for any project or client requisition, satisfactorily tuned to each customer’s tastes, if need be. We can also provide a standard design for the same.

property management services

We undertake many real estate transactions and deals, not to mention property development in the construction side. We have various connections that enable us to help groups of our customers find the land they might be interested in, to obtain sanctions or to receive a reasonably fair sum for their property on sale. We can also help in appraising property and land.


EIS Ideal Constructions India Pvt Ltd is the contracting side of Ace Engineering group, having dealt with various projects over the past years, with many pleased clients. Both Government and Non-government jobs have been taken on by the company and the company is ready to take on more such jobs to serve the customer community.


Eis Ideal Constructions India Pvt. Ltd. Is the contracting side of the Ace engineering group, and carries out many successfully managed jobs, under contract. We will provide you with a reasonably priced quote for your required job, to be done with the desired level of quality. We have done many works in the past, such as works for Puspagiri Medical Society, Thiruvalla, Aiswarya Silks in Changanassery, etc. Presently, we have the pleasure to work with the LIC of India at Cherthala, Mary Queens Mission Hospital at Kanjirappally, etc.


We have a dedicated and expert piling division that has handled numerous sites successfully, with specialized equipment of our own. Currently one of our works include the piling job, under contract, for the Central Excise and Customs Officer’s Housing Society.


Our vast experience in the construction arena enables us to provide PMC services for those that require them.


We are pleased to inform the public at large, that we are willing and more than capable of working on any turnkey projects required, works that require finishing, expansion, or completion before handing over, at a respectable level of quality.


Since we have our own concrete batching plant, concrete pump and mixers, we are fully capable of supplying ready mix concrete to sites at reasonable quantity and rates, at any desired design mix. If necessary, we can arrange to provide a design mix as is necessary for each custom use.